Akureyri Academy 
AkureyriAcademy is a research and knowledge centre which was founded in 2006. We offer work facilities for individuals and organize various public events, either on our own or in cooperation with others.

The work facilities
We offer a desk and internet connection, access to a printer, a meeting facility, and a break room, all for a reasonable price. We emphasize having a good setup, an encouraging environment, and a good work morale. More than 100 individuals have worked on various projects in AkureyriAcademy which cover about 50 different disciplines and areas of interest. University students, self-employed academics, artists, and entrepreneurs are among those that work in our facilities. We know it’s important in a modern society to have a secure place for work and access to companionship and support from likeminded colleagues.
Dissemination of knowledge
From its beginning, AkureyriAcademy has focused on promoting creative ideas and research that has enriched the life and culture in Akureyri. We have organised more than 150 events over the years with the aim to build a connection between different groups and encourage the public to participate. This diverse operation has serviced every age group but there has been a specific emphasis on involving senior citizens.
For a long time, collaborations between AkureyriAcademy, The University of Akureyri, and ReykjavíkAcademy have prospered. Furthermore, in cooperation with Akureyri Municipality, we offer work facility without charge to individuals who are working on innovative and entrepreneurial projects. Additionally, several public institutions, organisations and companies have supported or worked with us on various educational or cultural issues.
Our values
We are an independent and reliable knowledge-based institution which operates with the guideposts of professionalism, creation, and cooperation.
We provide professional support for university students and those that work on various academic projects or in other fields of interest. We build a bridge between academic studies and society through dissemination and collaboration. We maintain proficiency and responsibility in all our work.
We are innovative and creative, offer encouragement and support, and spread fresh ideas into the community.
We aim high and believe that by working together we can get better results as a society. We build bridges by encouraging a multidisciplinary collaboration on society, science, and culture, and we connect various groups together.
About Akureyri Academy
AkureyriAcademy is a private institution that operates according to official laws and rules with provisions on strategy and goals, as well as the board and representative council, the annual general meeting, etc.

We welcome you!
Tel. 833-9861.
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Address Sunnuhlíð 12, 603 Akureyri, Iceland